Mining, Environment and Natural Resources

Mining Law: Our Profile.

Mining companies, particularly those with operations on several continents need to appreciate local law, politics and culture. Understanding the intrinsic issues and identifying suitable opportunities helps keep mining companies competitive. The Santana Ripoll & Associates Mining Law Practice has far-reaching experience representing mining companies at all stages and in relation to all aspects of projects, both in Dominican Republic, Canada, Fiji, Peru and Colombia.  Mining has remained a primary practice area for us since our foundation.

 “Santana Ripoll & Associates, thru its associates geologist and engineers, who are experts in mining, can assist you from filing your application for exploration of metalic and non-metalic minerals, to obtaining your licences and permits to explore and/or exploit your property in the Dominican Republic.”

Lic. Virgilio Santana Ripoll
President & CEO

We represent mining companies involved in the extraction of all types of metals and minerals, companies of foreign capital investing in Dominican Republic and around the world.

Some examples of our work include:

Mine Exploration Phase

  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Option, farm-in and joint venture agreements from the simple to the complex.
  • Socio-economic impact agreements and joint venture agreements.
  • Initial public offerings, stock exchange listings.
  • Claims disputes and title opinions

Mine Development Phase

  • Project financing
  • Mineral production sales contracts
  • Environmental assessment and regulatory hearings and permitting
  • Economic development/impact and benefits agreement
  • Construction contracts and litigation

Operating Phase

  • Acquisitions, dispositions, and restructuring
  • Labour and employment issues including collective bargaining and human rights.
  • Property tax assessment and appeals.
  • Defences to environmental prosecutions.

Closure and Abandonment

  • Employee termination and severance.


Our team have extensive experience in mining industry matters, advising companies on project development and on the application of regulations related to the exploitation of soil in the Dominican Republic.

The firm offers assistance to foreign companies in connection with the establishment of domicile in the Dominican Republic, obtaining exploration and exploitation licenses, preparing and negotiating purchase or leasing agreements, and providing general advice regarding environmental regulations.

Santana Ripoll & Assoc. is a member of the Dominican Mining-Oil Chamber (Camara Minera- Petrolera de la Republica Dominicana), a national organization that promotes the sustainable growth of the mining-oil industry through international and local financing and that supports sustainable environmental practices.

Environment and Natural Resources

Ecological and environmental issues have a significant impact on business development in the Dominican Republic. Santana Ripoll & Assoc.  environmental law team provides guidance to local and foreign clients on compliance with environmental regulations, such as environmental permits, licenses, environmental audits, and natural reserve protection.

Along with the litigation team, the environmental law attorneys at Santana Ripoll & Assoc. also represent clients in connection with civil and criminal claims arising from any alleged environmental damages. They undertake, in collaboration with the corporate team, an environmental audit as may be necessary or desirable for any business operation.

Santana Ripoll & Assoc. provides assistance in connection with matters relating to harmful substances, the protection of natural reserves and endangered species, among others, consistent with the protection of the environment and sustainable development.

The firm is a member of the Legal Sector Alliance, an international organization promoting sustainable environmental practices.