Children’s rights

Los derechos de los hijos: Igualdad y protección sin importar su origen. Children's rights

Children’s rights: Equality and protection regardless of origin

In today’s society, the importance of guaranteeing the rights of all individuals, regardless of their origin or circumstances, is recognized. This includes children, who deserve equal rights and protection, whether born in or out of wedlock.

The Dominican Constitution, specifically Article 55, enshrines the principle of equal rights for all children. In this article, we will explore in detail the fundamental rights to which they are entitled, regardless of their marital status at birth.

-Right to identity and filiation:
Every child has the right to know his or her origin and to be legally registered. This implies the right to have a name, a nationality and the possibility of establishing filiation with their parents.

-Right to protection and care:
Children, regardless of how they were born, have the right to be protected and cared for. This includes receiving adequate medical care, adequate food, education, a safe environment and affection from their parents or legal guardians.

-Right to equal opportunity:
Children have the right to receive equal opportunities in all aspects of life, including education, participation in cultural and sporting activities, and access to public services.

-Right to inheritance:
Children, whether born in or out of wedlock, have the right to inherit the property of their parents, in accordance with the corresponding legislation.

-Right to protection against discrimination:
Children should not be subjected to discrimination based on their origin or marital status. They have the right to be treated equally and not to suffer any unfair or prejudicial treatment because of their status as children born in or out of wedlock.

It is essential to recognize and guarantee the rights of all children, regardless of whether they are born in or out of wedlock.
Article 55 of the Dominican Constitution is a reflection of society’s commitment to ensure the equality and protection of these rights.

As a society, we must promote awareness and respect for these rights, as well as provide support and protection to all children, ensuring their well-being and integral development. Equality and protection of children’s rights, regardless of their origin, are fundamental pillars to build a fair and equitable society.

As committed lawyers, we are here to help you assert and protect the rights of your children, regardless of whether they were born in or out of wedlock.

Virgilio Santana Ripoll